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PostSubject: Dark's Profiles   Dark's Profiles Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 10:21 pm

Alias – King of Fools
*Calling - Loki
Gender - Male
Cycles - 4
Breed – Alaskan Husky mutt
Pelt – His belly is a light grey white color with a thick, dark patch of black stretching down his back. The black patch across his back is flecked with silver and grey hairs, which become more noticeable at the base of his tail. His forelegs are a slightly darker grey than his belly fur.
*Eye Colour – Cloudy blue
Position- Right Swing Dog, Gear’s Team
Personality – Loki is a serious sort of dog for his age, often acting older than he is. He is a hard worker and loves running on a team. He isn’t a leader; he is a follower, but not a blind one. He isn’t cold or rude; he simply is not an overly friendly dog. He doesn’t make friends easily, and seems to rub others the wrong way, more often than not, with his reserved personality. Though he is reserved, that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy playing the occasional joke on others. These random pranks are what got him his title as the King of Fools. He is not easily riled, but does not let himself be pushed around. He is surprisingly strong, and quite capable of holding his own in a fight.
History – Loki’s father was a Canadian Inuit dog and his mother was a mixed Alaskan Husky. He was born near the Alaskan/Canada border (Alaskan side). He went through basic training with the other pups in the litter. He showed potential as a racing dog, so he was shipped off to another shelter to get used to the conditions he would experience. He had never run on a team before Gear’s, but he had been trained well and proved himself as a good addition to the team.
*Reaction towards others – Loki doesn’t mind company, but he prefers to be on the outskirts of the group. When meeting new dogs, he mostly stares, or may offer some slight greeting, but is not overly friendly or hostile.
*Notes – Is not fixed. Waffle House.
Rp Example: (from a wolf rp, just an example.)
The cold sunlight gleamed in the sky, turning the snow a blinding white. The black wolf trotted with his odd long gait across the flat plains, followed by a shorter white wolf. He slowed his pace to let the female catch up with him, rubbing pelts with her lovingly as she caught up. He licked her ear as she caught her breath before they continued. They were looking for shelter, anything would work better than the open plain they were on. Loki rested his tail on Sigyn's back as he moved slower to match her smaller trot. She panted heavily as they moved, her head drooping. He slowed, looking at her with concern. Rubbing her head with his muzzle he asked, "Are you ok my love?" She grumbled incoherently in reply. He frowned before walking a little bit away, shoveling snow behind him, forming a small dip in the snow. Sigyn wordlessly curled up in the small shelter, Loki curling around her. He laid his tail over her as she quickly slipped into a deep sleep, huddling close to try and keep her warm for the sake of their pups.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark's Profiles   Dark's Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 5:29 pm

Alias - Domino
*Calling - Do (pronounced like Dough or Doe not Dew)
Gender - Female
Cycles - 2
Breed - Canadian Eskimo Dog
Pelt - White/cream underbelly with black/grey stripe down back and legs that connects to the mask on her face. On her muzzle, near the nose, are 5 black dots in the vague shape of those found on a domino. Two on the left of her nose, three on the right.
*Eye Colour - Dark Brown
Position- Left Team Dog, Gear's team
Personality- Do is an extremely hyper dog who loves to play. She is easily distracted, which makes her seem quite dense. She is a very sweet dog who believes in the best in everything and everyone and forgives easily.
History - Her parents were purebred Canadian eskimo dogs, and she was raisde by the breeders until she was old enough to be sold. She was the most active of the litter and sometimes hurt her siblings when she was playing. The musher liked her exuberence, so he bought her for a cheaper price (because of her hyper activity) than normally would have been expected.
*Reaction towards others - She is a highly social creature and lives to make friends. She is almost too trusting and is the type of dog that greets a new thing at first sight.
*Notes - Not spayed
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Dark's Profiles
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