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 Howling's Sledders!

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PostSubject: Howling's Sledders!   Howling's Sledders! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 2:37 pm

Howling's Sledders! Czechoslovakian-wolfdog

Alias - The Lone Warrior

Calling - Tundra

Gender - Male

Cycles - 7

Breed - Czech Vlak (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)

Pelt - His coat consists of three different layers of color, the bottom being a pale tan, though some confuse it with white, the middle a more dull, darker tan coloring. The top of his coat is a mesh of grey, brown and dun. He has two spots above his eyes that are a dark grey; there is a thin scar on his muzzle, and two others that crisscross to the left side of his nose. His right ear has a chip missing near the base.

Eye Color - Brown

Position/Team# - Team 88- Kohi- Team Dog

Personality - Tundra... Tundra, Tundra, Tundra; he is so very much laid back that it's a wonder where he got his facial scars. When the time calls for it, this lax male won't hesitate to step into place as a mediator, or even to duke it out himself to keep teammates safe from harm. He always takes responsibility for his actions, like a leader should, but since his age has caught up with him Tundra isn't so quick to hand out punishment for the younger generations. He enjoys watching pups, as they make him feel so much younger when he plays with them; his fatherly instinct is always in affect, and it's a known fact that he is like the matriarch of the sled team he is on. With the heart of a true runner, Tundra will easily encourage others on his team with a smile, well placed words of comfort, and of course by obeying his team leads; he will step in to put a dog in their place if they cross the lead dogs or the humans they are under command of. His tolerance for fools only extends so far, and he will make it known if it is getting out of control with snarls and upraised tail, though he won't necessarily leap into action past this if others are quick to get themselves under control. Tundra will not allow any form of betrayal among his team, either by the lead dogs, the team dogs, or the swings. If anything remotely suspicious of betrayal occurs, be prepared for Tundra to be up in your face with all the seriousness of a true wolf thinking of how to dispose of someone.

History - Tundra was born into a litter of seven, his dam being a well taken care of show Vlak, his sire a sled dog descendant. Tundra and his three sisters were closer than the other two males, who constantly picked on the runt, Dai. When Tundra was old enough, for he was the largest of all the pups, he quickly attacked the other two males, saving Dai from further torment by them. Their master saw this, and how efficient Tundra had dished out the punishment for his sibling, and immediately put him to training in the basics. After a few months of going over the same thing, Tundra became rather bored with the outings with his master when going on his hunts; Tundra was only two years of age when he became lost.

He was picked up by a young man after wandering about for a few weeks, and the two became inseparable after Tundra was taken into the small cabin by the man. He met another canine, a female Husky, who was becoming ill with age; Tundra helped ease the mans misery when she passed on the following year. When Tundra had been seen by a man who bought and sold dogs for a living, Tundra's master was given an offer than even he couldn't refuse; 10,000 dollars, and two Huskies to help work around the cabin; Tundra was sold for something he thought he wasn't worth. His harsh training as a cart puller had begun, and soon Tundra became all muscle and bone, with a thin layer of fat to keep him warm in the cold nights.

Again he was sold when he reached four, to a cruel musher who lashed his dogs for even the small misunderstanding of orders. Tundra was given the lead position after one month on the team, but after some of the dogs revolted against their master Tundra was sold once more. He was older, and slowing down a bit but he was once more given the lead position that he was seemingly destined to be placed in. He stayed on the team for two years, until the master was forced to pack up and move to warmer climates for numerous reasons, which is where he ends up here. When he was two months shy of seven, his master saw him slowing in his runs and so he was moved to be a team dog.

Reaction Towards Other - It really depends on who he is dealing with; the leads he respects, but only if they treat him as an equal rather than an underling; the rest of the team he'll get along with, or become close to if they are willing to put up with his tendency to give advice like a lead dog would to his teammates. He's an all-around happy dog, even though he does miss leading a team, but he won't disrespect another at any point.

Notes - Tundra has been neutered, though he was the father of one litter when he was four; the litter and mother passed away during labor and so he doesn't speak of it.

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Howling's Sledders!
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