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 Profile Applications

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Lovingly Depressed[ADMIN]

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PostSubject: Profile Applications   Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:02 pm

To be a part of the sled dog teams, you must apply and be accepted. To be accepted, your application must:

x.Show proof of an understanding of the English language by using correct
grammar, spelling, and punctuation. (We welcome members from all
countries and backgrounds, we just ask you speak correctly and do not
use chat speak)
x. Have an RP example of 50+ words. (can be simply a history of a character)
x.If you have read everything regarding any kind of rules place the words
'Waffle House' instead of yes or no on the last question of the form
x. Have an accurate description of your character, mentally and physically.
x. Once you are accepted, you are free to Role play and add your form the Character listings!
x. If there is something wrong with your profile, it will be moved to the "Holding Pen" I will most likely PM you about this.

Alias - This is the name of your character, try not to use a name another character has.
*Calling - What your character would be called, like a nickname or a shortened version of the alias.
Gender - Male or Female. Simple.
Cycles - How old your character is, keep it realistic, dogs don't live 'til they're 50, face it.
Breed - The breed of your
character, e.g Golden Retriever, Labrador.
Pelt - The colour of their coat, whether it be brown, black and white, whatever. But keep it realistic please, no grass green dogs.
*Eye Colour - The colour of
their eyes, make it realistic though, not every dog is going to have
dazzling blue eyes most dogs will have a cloudy grey or a muddy brown
eye colour.
Position- What position your dog runs in the sled team.
Personality - Please make this at least three decent sized sentences,
we're not asking much. And make it interesting, don't just put "Duffy
is very nice, he smiles at other dogs lots and lots." That's so boring
to just read that!
History - Again, three sentences and this is quite self explanatory, just explain about your
dogs past, what they've done to get where they are today, maybe a bit
about their family, anything from the past you think should be
*Reaction towards others - Does
your dog find it easy to make friends? Does you dog immediately stand
their ground and quickly makes enemies? How does your dog react towards
other dogs? Does it like company?
*Notes - Other things about your dog, you can put likes, dislikes, pet peeves, whatever you think is relevant to your Biography. Please include information about weather or not they are fixed.

[b]Alias -[/b]

[b]*Calling -[/b]

[b]Gender -[/b]

[b]Cycles -[/b]

[b]Breed -[/b]

[b]Pelt -[/b]

[b]*Eye Colour -[/b]

[b]Position/Team# -[/b]

[b]Personality -[/b]

[b]History -[/b]

[b]*Reaction Towards Other -[/b]

[b]*Notes -[/b]

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Lovingly Depressed[ADMIN]

Posts : 58
Points : 1000000897
Join date : 2010-01-26
Age : 27
Location : Austin TX

PostSubject: Dog Entitlements!   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:34 am

I am, as of now, starting dog cards! What it is is an entitlement for you to create a new dog. Your first dog is free to create but after words it's 10k PSP.

This is designed to keep the number of dogs per person in check. There will still be a 5 dog maximum.

Those of you who already have more than one dog are exempt from this.
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Profile Applications
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