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 jaxbaby's sled dogs (unfinished)

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jaxbaby's sled dogs (unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: jaxbaby's sled dogs (unfinished)   jaxbaby's sled dogs (unfinished) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2010 10:09 am

x. Have an RP example of 100+ words. (can be simply a history of a character)
If you have read everything regarding any kind of rules place the words
'Waffle House' instead of yes or no on the last question of the form
x. Have an accurate description of your character, mentally and physically.
x. Once you are accepted, you are free to Role play and add your form the Character listings!

Alias - Sindi
*Calling - Sindi
Gender - f
Cycles - 3rd
Breed - siberian husky (not that creative i know)
Pelt - she is white with a light golden brown overcoat that dapples her back and the backs of her ears and tail tip
*Eye Colour - chestnut
Position- lead dog
Personality - A rather kind-hearted soul, she takes her work seriously, always caring for the well-being of her team. she has a soft spot for pups, wanting some of her own eventually. Despite her size, she is a strong sled-dog (hence her position) and the other dogs bank on her skill becasue of their faithful trust that comes from her. She isnt all business though. She dopes have an extremely engergetic and adventurous side that matches her grace and swift paws. she is the one to get you where you're going--no questions asked. her elegance stand sout to others and she is respected and well-known as a dog of beauty, but dont think she's going to roll over for anyone. She knows how to put up a fight andf she is going to stan dehr ground for what she beleives in.
History - not done yet.
*Reaction towards others - sindi easily gains the trust of other dogs as she has that certain air about her. She may be nice to you out of act sof kindness, but it doesnt mean she consideres you a friend.
*Notes - not fixed/spayed/neutured. Her sister and her have a long term hate realtionship, always on opposite teams and running against each otehr. Her siste ris practically her opposite.
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jaxbaby's sled dogs (unfinished)
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