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PostSubject: ╬ҜѦЇ₦_ҜѦ€Ȓ╬'s Profiles   ╬ҜѦЇ₦_ҜѦ€Ȓ╬'s Profiles Icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 4:59 am

Alias -Akila the Queen of Chaos

*Calling -Aki

Gender -Female

Cycles -2

Breed -Siberian Husky

Pelt - ╬ҜѦЇ₦_ҜѦ€Ȓ╬'s Profiles RN_Dog_Siberian_Husky_2

*Eye Colour -Aki's right eye is a pearly blue color, while her left eye is a golden brown.

Position -Team# 849/ Left team dog

Personality - Aki is full of energy and can't seem to sit still for more than minutes at a time. Even when completely exhausted, she somehow finds the energy to terrorize everyone on her team. But due to that, she tends to enjoy her sleep quite a bit. As a result, it tends to be rather challenging to wake her up. She is more often then not one of the last dogs to awaken. She's also an extremely loyal friend, and values friendship over all else. She will stop at nothing to please her friends, and is always willing to help in any way she can. Although she may seem rather mean due to all of her constant tricks and preanks, she is actually a very kind and caring dog. Akila my be a great friend to have, but she's an even greater enemy. It takes alot to become her enemy, though.

History -Born into a litter of nine, Aki was the offspring of two hard working sled dogs. From the moment she could stand, she was off and wandering about the confines of her home, causing mayhem wherever she went. By the age of nearly six weeks, her owner had dubbed her the official Queen of Chaos, causing much mischief even at such a young age. Although many people attempted to train her, she was extremely rebellious, and literally refused to work with her trainers unless she was in a good mood, and so, she was given up on, and she sat out while her siblings trained. Although she was never mistreated as a pup, she has always shied from humans, flinching slightly when someone reached out to pet her. Due to this, and the fact that she was so uncontrollably rambunctious and otherwise untrainable, no one really wanted to buy her. At the age of nearly a year and a half, long after the last of her siblings had been sold, her owner decided to take her to a shelter to see if they could find a better home for her. At the age of two years old, she was adopted by a couple who owned many sled dogs, and was quickly accepted into her new home, where she was, somehow, trained somewhat decently.

*Reaction Towards Other - Aki is rather shy when it comes to meeting new dogs, but it doesn't take long for her to warm up towards others. The more she gets to know you, the more she tends to use you as her next victim for her newest prank, but that's just her way of saying how much you mean to her. It doesn't take much to become Aki's friend, and once you are, you'll have a special place in her heart forever. However, the same is true for enemies. Aki isn't always quick to forgive, and it takes alot to actually get on her bad side, but once you are, you can expect a cold shoulder.

*Notes -Waffle House xD Also, Aki has not been spayed

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