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 Cal's Team

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PostSubject: Cal's Team   Cal's Team Icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 8:14 pm

Alias -Cal

*Calling - Cal

Gender - Female

Cycles - 2

Breed -Alaskan Husky

Pelt - Has a Dark brown coat with highlights of Black and Light brown legs and a light brown muzzle.Very tall and Skinny, Fastest dog on team.

[quote][code]Cal's Team Goose-Alaskan_Husky
Pic is not mine and I dont know whose

*Eye Colour -Amber

Position- Lead dog

Personality - Although friendy to humans Cal doesnt get along with other dogs very well.She is smart and short tempered.Although She will not attack dogs on her team she nips them to keep them in-line some times.

History -She was Born In Juneau Alaska and lived as a house dog until she was about 6 months.Then she was shipped of to wherever sled dogs go and she joined a team.When cal was 1 1/2 Years old, During an Race Cals team fell into the frozen lake and all of the dogs and the musher froze to death except Cal who survived and then joined my Team.

*Reaction towards others - Cal is an Aggresive dog . She isnt big but she has very sharp teeth and Claws.She prefers to be in-Charge or Alone.

Note~Not fixed


Alias -Rudolpho

*Calling - Rudo

Gender - male

Cycles - 3

Breed -Husky/Wolf

Pelt - Pure White,Often Gets dirty.

Cal's Team White20husky

Pic is not mine and I dont know whose

*Eye Colour -Amber

Position- Second Right

Personality - Rudo is a very very Sly ,but friendly dog. He loves to be pet and often uses his friendlyness to an advatage by nabbing some food while you are petting him.

History -Rudo's Father was a Husky and his mom was a wolf. When Rudo was 1 His pack was hunted. However they spared rudo because he was obviously not all wolf. Eventualy he was put onto my team.

*Reaction towards others - Rudo Is basicaly friendly although he does have his moods.

Notes~Not fixed


Alias -Chimera

*Calling - Chi

Gender - Male

Cycles - 4

Breed -Husky

Pelt - Black and white with normal Husky patterns.Actually a little more Black than there should be.

Cal's Team 1198061989siberian_husky

Pic is not mine and I dont know whose

*Eye Colour -Yellow

Position- Second Left

Personality - Chimera is a big Snuggle bug.He loves to be pet and have his Tummy rubbed.He enjoys attention from anyone.

History -Chimera came from a show Husky breeder but his markings did not fit breed standard so he was sold to a family who neglected him.Then he was rescued by the ASPCA and then adopted by a musher where he was brought to Alaska and joined my Team.

*Reaction towards others - Very Friendly Never Fights.

Notes~ fixed
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PostSubject: Re: Cal's Team   Cal's Team Icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 6:33 pm

Unless you have discussed it with the admin (in which case disregard this post), you are not allowed to create a new sled team. Also, payment is now required for any characters past your first.
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Cal's Team
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