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 Kody's Dogs

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PostSubject: Kody's Dogs   Kody's Dogs Icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2010 12:29 am

Alias -
*Calling -
Gender -
Cycles -
Breed -
Siberian Husky
Pelt -Kody's Dogs Smudge

*Eye Colour -

Position -
Team #88 - Right Wheel [I think]
Personality -
Lyiah was raised agressive, and that's how she seemed to stay. She more than likely not to be shy around other's, and was called a little bit more guyish to be a female. She loves the snow and the cold, and her high energy span makes her run for hours, in pain or not. The only time she's bound to stop running is if you tell her too. Some say she pushes herself to hard, although she does push her self to hard, just not in her mind.
History -
Lyiah was raised hating females, any species. As far as she's concerned, she isn't a female any way. She was abandon by three females, who had burned some of her fur off before being rescued by a good man and brought back to his house and trained to be a sled dog.
*Reaction Towards Other -
She can be very agressive towards other females when she sees one.
Notes: She is un-spayed and WAFFLE HOUSE!

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Kody's Dogs
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